Saturday, December 22, 2007

Felted Purses....Last Minute Gifts

At the last minute I decided I needed something special in which to "wrap" my nieces' Christmas Gift Cards. I found a free pattern for these little felted purses here at the Lion Brand Yarn website. (You'll need to register for free).

Then I embellished the purses with felted flowers made from 2 patterns. The pink flower pattern is free and can be found here. The red rose is from a set of patterns I purchased from an Etsy Shop here.

The pattern gave directions for felting by washing machine but I did it by hand in a small bowl. This was my first attempt at felting and I loved it! Try it if you need a quick gift or get started now for Valentine's Day.

Happy crocheting.


Bristolcare said...

Wow, first (and last) time I tried felting it didn't look half as good as your two lovely purses.
your crochet Greyhounds are also great.

Lenora said...

Thanks for your kind comments! But, don't give up on felting, it's worth the effort!